Ariana: “Flip It” Candle

Ariana: “Flip It” Candle


Collage candle by Zoie Harmon

Description from the artist:

Our perceptions create our reality, positive thinking will truly result in a positive life. But sometimes positivity means taking off the rose colored glasses, allowing yourself to recognize a negative force in your life, and doing something about it.

You may find that your light attracts darkness. You may feel you must share your light because you have it, but save some for you or your light will go out. Sugar on top, you are sweet and this sweetness is strength and vulnerability all at once.

Affirmations (come on the candle!):

Perspective makes all the difference.

My weaknesses are my strengths when I accept them and honor them.

My positivity is a special power: I have the power to use my positivity for others, I have the right to save it for myself.

I recognize the darkness. I choose light.

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