Leah “Here to Listen”Candle

Leah “Here to Listen”Candle


Collage candle by Zoie Harmon

Description from the artist:

This candle is hear to listen. She is soft and gentle and understanding. She empathizes with you. Sharing our stories makes us feel less alone and helps us heal. There are many people who benefit from our silence, in defiance we gain our voices back. Untold stories can store in the throat.

You are trusting and loving and seeking to believe in goodness. Duplicity is in your past, you know now what the truth physically feels like. You speak the truth everyday.

Affirmations (come on the candle!):

My story deserves to be heard and I heal from sharing it. Others heal from hearing it.

I am allowed to express myself. I surround myself with people I will not lose from speaking the truth.

I know how the truth feels in my body.

I will not allow others to turn me against myself.

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