Rihanna “Above It” Candle

Rihanna “Above It” Candle


Collage candle by Zoie Harmon

Description from the artist:

As the planets cycle, you are handed lessons and obstacles that give you the opportunity to be who you say you are. Retrogrades are known for their pitfalls, but these are lessons disguised to make us reflect and grow stronger.

Obstacles are placed before you, but you move with the grace of understanding your path. You pay close attention to your life and become aware of the pitfalls and patterns that have kept you from progressing. Soon your focus becomes second nature and you are gracefully gliding as you ascend to your goal.

Affirmations (come on the candle!):

Obstacles are opportunities to prove I am who I say I am.

I am successful when I pay attention to my life.

I am on the path to what I truly want.

I am graceful and focused.

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