These PMS Pills are My New Best Friend

Managing your hormones is an arduous journey and although renewed perspectives certainly help, there's no denying that this issue is mostly chemical.

If you're like me and a significant population of the female population who's dealt with psychological issues due to hormonal birth control, you know that this whole not trying to have a baby thing is GRUELING. You want to do the right thing by protecting yourself, but you also want to um, I don't know, not be a hot ass mess EVERY DAY? If you're like me, you've also experienced the depression, the anxiety, the outbursts of anger, the everyone-around-me-must-walk-on-eggshells-or-IMMA-TURN-'EM-TO-EGGSHELLS irritability.

Oooooooh child. Let's just say I was at my wit's end. And then, after WEEKS of digging, I found Moody Bird by HUM.

Made from two very simple, natural ingredients, this MIRACLE was created specifically to treat PMS symptoms like moodiness, irritability, extreme fatigue, and even cravings and cramps.

What's in this miracle pill, you may ask? Chasteberry and Dong Quai Root. Known as "the woman's herb," chasteberry has long been used for women's reproductive health and has been shown to aid in regulating cycles, evening out hormone imbalance, and helping with physical symptoms of PMS like breast pain as well. Dong Quai Root, meanwhile, is a renowned Chinese herb used historically to treat the symptoms of menopause as well as to treat depression.

Whirl 'em up together and stick 'em in a pill cuz I'M SOLD BABY!! For the first time in months my brain fog has lifted, I don't blow up at the tiniest of things, and I'm just more... present. And it's not just during my typical PMS time – it's constant. I'm in a joyous mood almost always and even when I feel myself getting moody or having a glum thought, it's a million times easier to recognize it and snap out of it.

Sure there are a ton of factors that contribute to an elevated mood – i.e. the power of positive thought, supportive nutrition, etc.  – but there's no doubt in my mind that tackling the body's chemistry is the optimal first step. It's easier to get to the roof deck and it's glorious views if you start at the tenth floor rather than the basement, jah feel?

It's not an exaggeration to say this supplement changed my life. I literally find myself marveling over the tiniest of life's pleasures, savoring days spent doing absolutely nothing, and I haven't had to yell at anyone in weeks ;) I'm also focused and productive when I want to be, my energy level stays high all day long, and I sleep like a log.

Before you roll your eyes at me and my eternal happiness, remember: 1) 

you can buy this too!!

 and 2) it didn't cure my cramps so a bitch is still humble.

As with all things, consult with your doctor before you add a supplement to your routine. Chasteberry, in some circles, has been deemed ill for use if you are currently taking a hormonal contraceptive (womp womppp) but I have a hormonal IUD and I was okay'd for use so  talk it out with your doc!

What supplements boost your energetic health? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy PMSing!