Why Crystals Make the Superior Sex Toy as told by Chakrubs Founder, Vanessa Cuccia

Besides maybe the tiny box of curls from my first haircut that lives in my underwear drawer, I don't think I've ever had a possession more simultaneously cherished and controversial than my Chakrub. Gifted to me by a group of very generous friends two years ago, my Chakrub is my most consistent bed companion, my most faithful pleasure partner, and the rightful star of my 2016 Gift Guide. "Cherished" is really an understatement considering how I react when an unsavory gets near my baby. Meanwhile, my friends (aforementioned unsavories) are pretty tired of getting near said baby every time they sleepover and find a very phallic crystal peeking out from under my pillow, poking them in the ear. What can I say? Gotta align that babe with my energy while I sleep, ya know?
Well, maybe you don't know. And that's okay! Because, lucky for you, the founder of Chakrubs, one Miss (very cool and very kind) Vanessa Cuccia has agreed to answer a few of your most pressing questions for Gooey Girl. See below for Vanessa words of wisdom on why crystals make for a superior sex toy, how to choose the best one for you, her favorite testimonial, and BONUS POINTS her own #gooeygirlthings.

Gooey Girl: Why use a crystal sex toy over a traditional one? 
Vanessa Cuccia: It feels good on a physical level. On an emotional level. On a spiritual level. Chakrubs come directly from the earth into your hands. The form with the earth over hundreds, even thousands of years. They are beautiful and have metaphysical properties attributed to them so that they may help facilitate our own natural abilities to feel at ease.

GG: What's the best way to pick the right Chakrub for your energetic needs?
VC: Go with your intuition! I'd first pick a Chakrub that suits your needs on a physical level. Then, go with what you feel drawn to intuitively. You won't make a wrong decision.

GG: What's your favorite testimonial ever?
VC: "My experience with this tool is a little different than most, I am a transgender male. At the time writing this, I am six months into hormone replacement therapy and admittedly still grasping to find my place in a society that demands that my anatomy is feminine, despite my identity. I struggle with this, it causes, at times, great self loathing which should not happen. I am comfortable with my physical self, yet am still pulled by societal expectations.

Months before I found Chakrubs, I was engaged in an intense spiritual experience where I found myself giving self pleasure using an (unsafe, and not particularly ideal) amethyst pillar. My body jolted awake, it was beautiful, but not enough. Somehow I found my way to Chakrubs, where I lay eyes on the black xaga wand. I fell in love, I needed it. I dreamed about it, I felt everything in my mind and body pull me toward it.
I recently was able to purchase it, and in the short time we have been together it has completely bonded itself to my body, moving me effortlessly over its gorgeously smooth and cool length, absorbing my heat and sending it back to me, and soothing me to sleep at the end of my nights.

With it I don't feel the self conscious pressure that most other sexual objects caused me in the past, instead I feel my masculinity surging, my spirit opening and releasing that tension and allowing me to fall into love with the body I have, and tenderly wiping the sleep from my third eye all at once.

This is not a sex toy, or an object to be toyed with, these stones are metaphysical tools to be used to connect the physical self intensely to the spirit. Listen to your intuition and your body when you choose yours, allow yourself to fully open when you touch it to your skin, you will not regret it.

I am so thankful for this gorgeous opportunity to connect with my self, without feeling shameful of exploring my anatomy as a trans male. I feel powerful with this wand, and honestly it hasn't left my side since I got it in the post. Thank you so much. "

GG: Tell us one weird thing you do that soothes you [#gooeygirlthings]!
VC: Not sure how weird it is but I find that driving is very comforting to me. The freedom, the action with pure and dedicated focus is perfect for my state of mind. Especially if I'm taking the scenic route.

For more on Chakrubs, how they work, and Vanessa's story, check out the About page on their site. Also be sure to follow Chakrubs and Vanessa on Instagram for incredible self-love inspiration and sexual health tips!
All images c/o Chakrubs