Making Me Smile 9.27.18


1. Pygmy goats. Holy shit did y’all know these were a real thing!? I’ve been ooing and awing over them for days ever since meeting two of them IRL. Dream pet for sure. I MEAN JUST WATCH THIS AND TRY NOT TO SMILE (also how cute is bb Steve Irwin, this entire video is marvelous)

2. My bestie Tara introduced me to this album Whack World by Tierra Whack. It’s a 15-min long album made of 15, 1 minute long songs and it BUMPSSS. Check it out and prepare to listen to it all weekend.

3. The boyf and I have been watching season one of Whose Line is it Anyway and let me tell you, if the skits won’t make you laugh, Wayne Brady’s ridiculous outfit choices will. Literally his silhouette is just Gumby. Please corroborate.

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