About Gooey Girl



I’m Lenea, an energy healer and artist born, bred, and living in Los Angeles, CA.

I started Gooey Girl because I was tired of seeing healing and wellness be beige, serious, and woo woo. Why couldn’t taking care of ourselves – mind, body, and energy – look like having a good time? Why couldn’t it mean playing with slime, buying fun ceramics, crafting in our free time, or hanging out with our friends talking about our problems over bad pizza and good laughs?

There’s some hard work to be done, of course. But here we do the work with a smile, knowing that we aren’t “fixing” ourselves. Instead, we’re enhancing our energies so we can shine brighter, show up better, and fulfill our lives according to us.

In addition to be the self-proclaimed Queen of Doodads, I’ve also been fortunate enough to be trained as a Reiki practitioner, energy coach clients 1:1, and write and speak about my work all over including at SXSW 2018.


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